Smart Watch Comparison by

With the Apple Watch going head-to-head with the Android Wear army of smartwatches, Apple and Google are doing battle once again. Like the smartphone war before it, the differences go beyond just price and looks – it’s ideological. Apple’s singular experience versus the choice and variety offered by Android Wear; Apple’s huge fanbase and army […]

iPhone 6 Bendgate is REAL!

In September 2014, Apple start to sell the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Not too long after the release, several iPhone 6 Plus owners reported that their devices bent after being placed in their pockets. The iPhone 6 phones are built with a unibody enclosure constructed from machining 6000 series anodized aluminum with stainless steel and titanium inserts to […]

Selfie Stick? Good or Bad?

With the outbreak of selfie addictions being a disease what is your take on the Selfie Stick? If you are ok with them come see us! we have them for sale!

Lifeproof Nuud Case

Lifeproof Nuud Case Available Now Now in stock at both locations. For a review on these cases click here.