Apple’s iCloud Voicemail

The latest round of “innovation” for the iPhone is a service that will one day convert those time-eating audio voicemails into convenient, ready-to-read text. That’s right, listening to your boss’s irritating voice drone on and on in long-winded monologues through your voicemail will be a thing of the past. Sounds nice, but is this feature […]

Apple replacing iPhone 6 Plus cameras

Apple Inc. has recently launched a replacement program for the iPhone 6 Plus iSight camera, which is the one on the back. According to Apple, this issue affects a small number of units sold between September 2014 and January 2015. If your iPhone 6 Plus is taking blurry photos and falls into the range of […]

What you should know about Windows 10

As of July 29, the latest Microsoft OS release, Windows 10, is officially available to the general public. Although the first wave of consensus is that the newest version is a breath of fresh air, some consumers may be wondering if the upgrade is actually worth the trouble. Read on to learn the major facts, additions, […]