Apple Gets Bit – Class Action Lawsuit

iPhone Wi-Fi Assist

Here we go again.. Remember the days when we had unlimited data on our cellular plans? And when our carriers like AT&T and verizon switched away from unlimited data we were told, “You’re never going to need 2GB of Data.” But as smartphones develop and become more advanced, they have become the number one used […]

StainGate? Macbook Retina Displays

Are you one of the many affected by Staingate? Do you have a Macbook or Macbook Pro with a Retina display with spots on the display that you just can’t get rid off? Or is it progressively getting worse? Thousands of customers have reported on various Apple support communities and forums of the issue and […]

Liquid Damage iPhone or Macbook? Will Rice Help?

The internet is an awesome way to quickly find tons of useful information. It is a network overflowing with scholars, experts and even Average Joes who are way more informed on a given topic than you. It can be a wonderful tool to learn new things. The problem, however, is the internet is equally filled […]