Sony PS4 HDMI Repair (Playstation 4)

PS4 HDMI Repair Lafayette, LA

One of our specialties at Apple Pie Repair, which sometimes gets overlooked, is game console repair. We can repair any game console system or handheld game whether it be Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, or another brand in between. We have had great success with the Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii/Wii U as well as the Xbox, Xbox […]

Get to Know Our iPhone Repair Technicians: Luke

Luke Apple Pie Repair Technician

Our iPhone repair technicians spend hours with your devices, but what do you really know about them? This is the third post in a series where you will get to know our Apple Pie Repair staff. Click here if you’d like to read our previous post featuring our iPhone/computer repair technician and manager, Andrea. Today I […]