Samsung S3 Charging Port Repair

Here is a severely corroded charging port for the Samsung Galaxy S3. Pads were severed and needed jumper wires to go from the pad to the pins.

iPhone 6s Backlight Repair

This is a common repair for the iPhone 6s from other repair shops. You can see the solder ball that blows through the underfill when the backlight filter blows. Once the underfill is removed we test the filter for continuity to confirm that it is bad.

USB Data Recovery

This USB drive was damaged from being hit while the plugged into the computer. Two pads on the board were lifted and completely severed. The traces were broken. Apple Pie Repair’s soldering technician in Lafayette, La was able to run a jumper wire from one pin to the inline resistor. For the other severed pin, […]

iPhone 5s Data Recovery

This was a case of a fully submerged iPhone 5s in the toilet. Toilet phones are something we deal with often. The customer had the iphone in rice for a few days which did not help remove water or corrosion. Data recovery on this device was important because of the value of the photos. Our […]

TV T-Conn Board Repair

This tv had a shorted IC chip and capacitor. We were able to replace both within a couple days and repair this TV for less than half of what it would cost to replace it. Our TV repair tech in Lafayette, LA is one of the best!

iPhone 6 Backlight Filter Repair

A shorted iPhone 6 backlight is usually caused by poor installation of the new display. Either the battery was not disconnected when the LCD FPC was making contact to the board or the solder joints for the backlight of the display are exposed and can be shorted when making contact with metal. This filter is […]

Fully Submerged Macbook Air In Water

This Macbook Air came to us completely dead from being fully submerged in a bathtub. State of the art cleaning equipment is used to remove corrosion. Our soldering technician then replaces components damaged from the water. After all damaged parts are replaced a thorough diagnostic test is ran to verify the repair is complete. We were able […]

Match Mate

This device had been repaired multiple time. Motor wires were cut. Potentiometer for ball feed was not giving the correct voltage for speed control

Land Rover Key Fob Repair

Customer DIY was a disaster until he brought it to Apple Pie Repair. The battery in this key fob is soldered to the board. The customer did not have the proper equipment to desolder the battery and components were also damaged or knocked off when it was opened.