LG G3 Sim Reader Replacement

This is a common repair for the LG G3. Very difficult solder work because of the many anchor points, but a repair that our Solder Technician does often.  

iPhone 6 Liquid Damage Data Recovery

This iPhone came in unresponsive due to contact with liquid. The board had corrosion on capacitor C5202_RF which PP_VCC_MAIN flows through. This component was removed and replaced restoring power to the logic board.

Macbook Pro Liquid Spill Repair

Macbook Pro 13 inch Early 2012 model. Liquid was spilled on the keyboard and the computer would no longer turn on or boot. Voltage for the power rail PPBUS_G3H was not present. Q5300 had a pin that was burnt. We removed it, retinned the pad and replaced the component to repair the logic board to […]

TV Repair Lafayette, LA

LG TV Repair Coaxial Replacement

Tv was pulled from wall mount without unplugging coaxial cable. The RCA F Connector was ripped from the main board. Buy another TV? NO WAY! Repair it. By repairing your TV you can save more than half the cost of replacing your TV. If it can be repaired, it should be repaired. If you do […]

Hair Flat Iron Repair

This flat iron no longer heated. A joint was broken at the heating element. Element was replaced and unit is working again.

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