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Apple iPhone Repair

iPhone Screen Repair, iPod Screen Repair, Apple Computer Repair, iPad Screen Repair


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Apple Pie Repair in Lafayette, LA and Alexandria, LA have a full retail front where you can find those cases or accessories that no one else has. Our Inventory Purchasing Department works hard to weed through the nonsense and deliver the stuff that you want. Otterbox, Lifeproof, Speck, Griffin, Moshi, Ballistic.








  • Over 30,000 Repairs Completed

We have a team of experienced technicians. Our knowledge, equipment and ability far surpass the competition. We are #1 in our industry, mastering iPhone repair, iPad repair, iPod repair and all other brands.

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Mac, PC, iOS, Android doesn't matter

Apple Pie Repair is all about service. We are here to help and educate. Can't fiqure it out? We have a wide knowledge on all devices! Bring your questions, bring your problems, bring your homework. We are here for you!